Saturday Jul 7 @ 09:34am
Saturday Jul 7 @ 09:24am

I love Bryant so much, I can’t wait for the fall. 

Tuesday Jul 7 @ 10:30am


Monday Jul 7 @ 02:46pm
Sunday Jul 7 @ 11:17am
Reblog if it is 104% okay to come to your ask and just say ‘Hi can we be friends and then start asking you random questions. Saturday Jul 7 @ 11:19pm
i’m not a ‘hit it and quit it’ type. i’m like a ‘hit it and keep hitting it both emotionally and physically’ type Schmidt (via perfect) Saturday Jul 7 @ 11:09pm

Dylan O’Brien in Italy 
Saturday Jul 7 @ 01:11pm
Friday Jul 7 @ 11:03pm


I’d be such a good girlfriend you’re all missing out

Friday Jul 7 @ 10:54pm

You are literally the perfect guy for me.

Thursday Jul 7 @ 10:26pm
Sunday Jul 7 @ 11:09am
Sunday Jul 7 @ 11:08am
Drop a “If I were dating you…” In my ask. Sunday Jul 7 @ 12:24am
Sunday Jul 7 @ 12:23am
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